Gillian Chapman

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Shy Mascot at their gig at Empire swords on Thursday. Photo Credit: Gillian Chapman.

Meet new Irish band ‘Shy Mascot’

UPDATE: Shy Mascot will play Whelan’s ‘Full Irish’, this Saturday, St Patrick’s day at 20:30. Get on the guest list for the event here.  The Irish music scene is going from strength to strength and new band…

Dogs of Dublin

They’re said to be a man’s best friend and I think anyone who owns one would firmly agree. Our four-legged, furry, loyal to the end friends. Yes, I’m talking about our dogs. Dogs are one…

Rugby player making a break with the ball. Photo Credit: Lisa Omarali

Can you be a sportsperson and a vegan?

Veganism is rising in Ireland and around the globe. There are a number of reasons why those who lead a vegan lifestyle choose to do so, these include health, animal welfare and environmental consciousness. But can…