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The history and beauty inside Marlay Park

Marlay Park is a public park in the suburban area of Rathfarnham in south Dublin. The parkland spans 200 acres and comprises of woodlands, ponds and recreational spaces including a nine-hole, golf course, tennis courts, …

The Scene and Heard Festival: Take 2

This weekend saw the return of the Scene and Heard festival of new work, 2018 to Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin. The festival originally began on February 14th  and ran until the beginning of March.…

A rainwater harvester in The Rediscovery Centre. Photo Credit: Ciara Margolis

The Circular Visits The Rediscovery Centre

As global warming becomes more and more apparent, there are more initiatives and incentives than ever encouraging people to get involved in recycling. Recycling is the process in which used materials are processed and changed…

The Fertilisation of an egg. Maria Mellor (flickr).

Fertility expert speaks to the Circular

Fertility is the natural way in which humans produce offspring. But, what happens when this doesn’t come as naturally as we expect? What really is infertility? and is there anything we can do to improve our…

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