Carolina Hernandez

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Birds by Hell in a Handbag Production (Flickr)

What is Ornithophobia?

Have you ever had a bad experience with a bird? If you suffer from physical symptoms like cold sweat, have a rapid heartbeat, feel nauseous, dizzy anxiety and even a numb or tingling sensation when…

Actors by Follow The Vikings

Follow the Vikings

“Valhalla is here. So drink fine mead and give no cheer to valkyries like those who came before, you may feel the call you see there´s more to life than to scrawl” Fire, fighting and howling…

Awerness by Rafa Machado // Flickr

Self-healing meditation in a few steps

“If we have unhealthy minds, we have an unhealthy world” Águeda Burgos There are different types of fields in charge of treating the mind; the most important ones are the medical fields or the alternative…

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