Bill Lonergan

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The Fast and The Furious Conveyor Belt

What’s the old saying? Fool me once shame on you, fool me eight times, shame on me! Perhaps it was some level of delusion that led me to go Rathmines yesterday to view the redoubtable…

The Golden Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Gennady Golovkin runaway freight train just about remained on the tracks in March after the Kazakh’s rather unusual and narrow victory over Danny Jacobs. Though Jacobs, an awkward fighter, was always expected to provide…

Improv: More than Just Comedy

Improv Fest Ireland 2016 was described as “a great success” by festival director, Neil Curran. The fat various Dublin city centre venues including the Teachers’ Club Theatre and the Workman’s Club. Mr Curran, a veteran…

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