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Sammy @Barbara Debout

Call me Sammy

Sammy is 24 years old from Brazil, that has been living in Dublin for eight years. This beautiful brunette is a woman like any other – except for a small detail, she was born in…

Paris' street / Flickr @Amelien Bayle

How passers-by in Paris describe Ireland?

Each nationality and country is seen differently depending on the country. Thus, this month The Circular went to Paris for asking passers-by for words to describe Ireland. Of course, stereotypes & clichés about the Leprichaun’s…

Feminist literature : Mary Kenny’s must-read list

Women’s issues aren’t only defending at the Assembly: a sharp tong can play a determining role. Because of it, The Circular asked Mary Kenny, an Irish author, journalist, and famous feminist her favourite list of feminist books with…

Crédit photo @Barbara Debout / Connemara - National Park

4 day tour of west coast of Ireland

Ireland is a country that should be on everyone bucket list. Thus, at the end of January – when according to all it wasn’t the right time to go – The Circular decided to realise…

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