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Taxis - Photo Credit - Ian Murphy - Flickr

Taxi Talks: Answering your Taxi Questions

This week I spoke to Sara Morris head of Communications & Public Affairs, from The National Transport Authority (The new Taxi Regulator) in Ireland. I got the low-down on Taxi Statistics in Ireland. Here are some of…

Stay Strong - Photo Credit - Eli Christman - Flickr

Taxi Talks: Your Mental Health – Taxiwatch

This week my Taxi Talk is on Mental Health in Ireland. Suicide is one of the biggest worldwide killers. Over one million people die from suicide each year worldwide. Not surprisingly studies show suicide kills more people…

Dogs are a girl’s best friend

The old cliché is true, dogs really are a man’s best friend. Not many homes are without a dog and not many of us remember a childhood without our main companions by our side. So why…

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