Anti-gay pastors and politicians who turned out to be gay

Vanja Skotnes

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This Youtube video shows homophobic pastors and politicians who turned out to be gay. These are all people in power positions who loudly spoke out against gay rights, who repeatedly discriminated against homosexuals and passed legislations to withhold the rights of gay people.

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Vanja Skotnes

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  • Stina Ollestad

    Wow. Interesting video. Thank you for sharing!

  • Kim

    They made themselves go behind the bars..
    They didn’t need to lie, even though they can be just silent…
    Hope there would be no oppressions on politicians pushing them to lie.

  • Arne Fenstad

    Fynny video. And surprisingly many cases of closited gay power figures.

  • morten skotnes

    Love the life you live.
    Live the life you love.
    -bob marley.

  • Nina Stiles

    Interesting video, Vanja! Nice work!