Amsterdam through the eyes of a tourist

Sadbh Maguire

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Thinking of going to Amsterdam? Some tips for first time visitors.

I am Amsterdam, Photo Credit Sadbh Maguire
I am Amsterdam, Photo Credit Sadbh Maguire

You’ll find that just like many other major cities, Amsterdam has a wide range of city passes to choose from, the ‘Holland City Pass’ and ‘I am Amsterdam City Pass’ being the most popular.

The ‘I am Amsterdam’ being the best for its value in my opinion with over 40 attractions to visit; you can also use the card to travel on the city’s Metro, Buses and Trams. They have 4 different cards to choose from they are all based on time limits; 24h, 48h, 72h and 96h ranging from €57 to €87.

One of Amsterdam's famous canals Photo Credit, Sadbh Maguire
One of Amsterdam’s famous canals, Photo Credit, Sadbh Maguire


Some places that should be on the top of your list when visiting are:

Van Gogh Museum,

Canal cruse,


Stedelijk Museum,

Anne Frank House,

The Zoo.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Photo Credit, Sadbh Maguire
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Photo Credit, Sadbh Maguire

The East side of Amsterdam is the place to stay, filled with trendy clubs and bars. It is a vibrant, multicultural neighbourhood, not far from the city centre and the Museum Quarter.

The city centre is probably best avoided instead head to the trendy local neighbourhoods where you will see the real Amsterdam.

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Sadbh Maguire

  • Sadbh Maguire

    Thanks Ashley, it’s a great place to visit for a weekend. 🙂

  • Sunniva Batalden

    Good introduction. Tho I’d like to add the Lucid Art museum to your list. It’s a really cool one. Same with the Avocado cafe, just next to the Van Gough museum. Think it’s about a 5min walk.

  • Marita Solheim

    I really wanna go to Amsterdam! Great tourist guide and I love the video, as well ☺️