Inn Germany you will have difficulties to find a Deo with Aluminium inside. In Ireland it’s the other way round. In Germany, most companies even advertise with the lack of Aluminium in their products. Since years, scientists discuss about the increased risk of Breast Cancer caused by Aluminium in Deos. The Circular summarized the findings and gives you tips how to identify aluminium in Deos, if you want to be on the safe side.

Usage of Aluminium in Deos

Young Woman Thinking Aluminium in Deos

Young Woman Thinking – Photo by gerryimages

Aluminium is used in Deos, because of its antiperspirants effect. This effect arises because the skin pores contract thanks to the substances compounds which prevents you from sweating. Additionally, a gel-like aluminium-protein complex is formed which (temporarily) blocks the passages of the welding channels.

Deos that use advertising like “48 hour protection” usually work with Aluminium.

The Findings

Scientist are still discussing and while some sources claim that it is proved. Others say it’s uncertain if the substance is actually a cause of Breast Cancer. However, most are of the opinion, that it at least increases the risk. However, studies found, that women with Breast Cancer who used Deo with Aluminium frequently had a higher concentration of the substance in their blood. This especially was the case with patients, who have tumours close to their arm pits. Additionally problematic in this concern is, that many women use Deo right after shaving. It is proved that even with lightly injured skin, your body absorbs six times more aluminium than it usually would.

Beside through Deos, we also pick up the substance through our food. Scientists found out, that if we out food that was stored in Aluminium packaging, it actually contains amounts of the substance.

Through the fact that studies keep appearing, scientist can neither determine the increasing effect on the risk of Breast cancer nor confirm the suspicion.

How to avoid Aluminium in Deos

Due to the fact that companies are forced to write the components of a product somewhere on its packaging, you can easily identify Deos that use the substance. Companies usually refer to it as “aluminum chloride“. You can usually be sure to be “safe” if this is not written on the package. However, some countries provide Deos that have written “0% Aluminium” on them. This certainly makes it easier to find them.

A note

Usually only¬†antiperspirants use Aluminium to prevent you from sweating. Deos usually only overlay with another scent. We will still use the word “Deo” since most people refer to both products the same way.

Do you think it is necessary to stop using Deos that contain Aluminium? Or should we wait for the problematic to be actually proven?