A safe city: how safe we are?

Dublin city

Dublin by Ksenija Archipova. 

Despite of Ireland’s relatively small size, Dublin is a city with its problems and safety issues as any other major European city. Some neighborhoods are safer than others and like any other city, certain areas have a reputation as being best avoided. The center of town, the area along the banks of the Liffey river is popular with pickpockets. The Northside contains well-known areas for its reputation. However, the majority of crime is non-violent and Dublin is considered to be a safe city.

In terms of personal safety Dublin was ranked as the 16th safest city in the world in 2011. A survey of 221 cities was taken by Mercer Quality of Living. The reality is that we can still walk the Dublin streets late at night without fear. To get a sense of safety in Dublin, be sure to listen what other ordinary people think.

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