A long way to world peace

The 8-year-old Boston bombing victim Martin Richard pictured here holding a banner with the word PEACE.(picture of flicker)

The picture of the man whose legs were taken off by the bombing in Boston Marathon still terrifies me. The two bombs went off on Monday killed three people and injured more than 180 others.

Why? Who did this and why? Why those innocent people who run for charity? There are a lot of speculations, but who did this remains an open question. The only thing we know is whoever did this are cold-blooded criminals, but nothing else. It could be the right-wing extremists, Al-Quaed members, North Koreans etc. It is a cowardly attack, the American government would say. It is a cowardly attack. But it sounds familiar? Right? Did American freedom fighters never carry on guerrilla warfare and were named as such in their independent war? However we should not compare righteous guerrilla warfare with terrorist attacks at innocent people, but if this attack was the revenge for Americans doings in the Middle-East or other part of the world, then who is also to be blamed?

It is always easy to blame somebody else for what happened. But is it the time to promote peace globally not just in your own land? If people believe you have brought war and killing to their land, they will try to do the same to you, either in the form of war, if they are powerful enough, or in the form of terrorism if they are not. Should the US government reconcile what they have done to provoke this to happen, while they are carrying desperately man-hunting for the suspects? It looks like over the thousands of years of human history, the superpowers never learn. You may condemn the act and retaliate with mighty power you have, but just remember you are also responsible for your people’s safety of lives.

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