A “Legendary” ending for “How I Met Your Mother” (SPOILER)

The MacLaren’s pub offered its last drink on Monday’s night. The CBS aired the final episode of “How I Met Your Mother“, a comedy that has earned the label of cult series after nine seasons on air. In “Last forever” — double final chapter, the details of how Ted Mosby met the future mother of his children are at last discovered.

The emission of this expected and controversial ending revolutionized forums and social networks, where the shocked viewers wrote their indignant messages, because most of them didn’t like the surprising outcome chosen by the writers.




How I Met Your Mother overturned the history during the last half hour of a final episode which had been recorded eight years ago. On this episode we discovered that Tracy , the mother of Ted’s children, died six years before he begins to tell the story to them, and we also realize that Ted does this with one goal: to obtain their blessing to go out with the true love of his life — someone that we knew from the first chapter of the series: Robin Scherbatsky . Then, in the last minutes of the show, it is recreated the mythical scene where Robin comes home with his dogs and Ted, now graying, surprises her under her window with the famous blue french horns, ending one of the most famous and successful sitcoms of the decade.

Nobody likes Tracy ‘s death. And it’s normal, because it reminds us all that the love of our life may die. It is a fact, and human beings will always feel reject to this certainty that leaves you a little cold when you see the chapter … But, despite the different opinions, it’s undeniyable that this was the end claiming to this story, because it is a realistic ending. Because that’s life: You have a group of friends, you do follies during your youth, you change your apartment , you have a pineapple next to your bed, you get married and have children … the years pass , the hair turns white . For obvious reasons you can not see your friends every day , but they still are always present in the important moments . Because true friendships never end. You find the person of your dreams, and you believe that you will share with her the rest of your life, but a terrible disease snatches her from you … And you have to keep going forward despite everything.

And after all the changes, after all your stories , after moments of great joy and terrible suffering , maybe you’re lucky, like Ted, and finally it’s time to be with the girl you couldn’t never be during your youth … A predictably perfect ending. Bittersweet, yes. But so is life .

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