An alleged GAA jersey gets breakout role on Eastenders

Nancy Carter and the "jersey" -Mayo GAA Banter Facebook.

In a scene on Friday nights episode of Eastenders saw the appearance of what many believed to be a GAA jersey worn by new character Nancy Carter, played by actress Maddy Hill. Most people watching the show I’m sure wouldn’t have even noticed the jersey and even if they did wouldn’t have paid much attention to its presence however dedicated loyalist Willie Frazer isn’t most people.

Nancy Carter and the "jersey" -Mayo GAA Banter Facebook.
Nancy Carter and the “jersey” -Mayo GAA Banter Facebook.

Mr Frazer was outraged by the appearance of the jersey and took to his Facebook account to let the people know.

I’m sure many of you watched EastEnders in horror last night when Nancy Carter, who works behind the bar in the Queen Victoria, was clad in the shirt of an organisation which glorified IRA terrorists, the GAA. This surely must have been a mistake by the costume people, any shirt supporting the NF, KKK or indeed Nazism would never be allowed on a family show so why a shirt belonging to an organisation who name clubs after IRA terrorists, give out medals with IRA terrorists on them and who hold IRA events (on) their premises.

After working himself up and making an attempt to rile up his Facebook following it turns out the jersey is actually part of a P.E kit from St Patrick’s College in Ballymena. When this had been pointed out to Mr Frazer he refused to back down saying “Republicans were praising it from the rooftops,” telling Belfast Telegraph “In fact they were saying the next thing would be the playing of republican songs in the Queen Vic. I don’t see why I would have to apologise to the school, It wasn’t the school with which the issue was raised, it was the GAA and all that goes with that.”

A spokes person for Eastenders wouldn’t say how many complaints were received or if there were any, besides of course Mr Frazers, but she did give an insight to how the “jersey” came into the role “The top which Nancy Carter wore on Friday night’s episode is a school PE kit which was purchased from a vintage shop. As all EastEnders viewers will know, the character of Nancy Carter is a tomboy and wears a huge range of sports wear which she chooses for the way it looks not because she has any allegiance to any sport or club.”

This is upsetting as the GAA is an organisation that runs sports clubs open to everyone, with clubs set up all over the world especially throughout England so it wouldn’t have been much of a shock if it had been a GAA jersey this character was wearing.

London GAA team jersey-
London GAA team jersey-

So the moral of the story is, try to get the facts before you go accusing such an organisation of being involved in terrorist regimes. And more importantly try not to get so worked up over an auld vintage P.E kit from Ballymena.

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