Many gardeners will have a faithfully companion that follows them around their garden. Be it the traditional pairing of a robin, which has become synonymous with gardeners, or a four legged companion with a tail gardeners require company as they potter about flower bed.

Black Dog

Gardeners’ Best Friend – Photo Credit David Corscadden

And while a garden may be a great space to spend time with your favourite canine friend, gardens can prove a rather dangerous place for dogs. Many common plants that can be found in Irish gardens can prove very toxic to both cats and dogs.

In recent months this topic was brought to the public’s attention thanks to famed gardener Charlie Dimmock. During Chelsea Fringe Dimmock opened a garden which highlighted the many common garden plants which can prove fatal if eaten by a pet.

Speaking at the time in The Express Dimmock said “The More Than Poisonous Pawtanical Garden isn’t about telling pet owners to go around uprooting their flower beds – it’s a way to help them make more informed choices when they design their gardens or buy new plants for their home as well as being more aware of the garden plants they already have.”

Below are some common garden plants which are toxic to pets and should be avoided:



Foxgloves – Photo Credit David Corscadden


wisteria flower

Wisteria – Photo Credit David Corscadden


Orange Lilies

Lilies – Photo Credit David Corscadden


Purple Dhalia

Dhalia – Photo Credit David Corscadden


marigold flowers

Marigolds – Photo Credit David Corscadden


pink hydrangea

Hydrangea – Photo Credit David Corscadden

For a full list of toxic plants for animals visit the ASPCA website.

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