A beginners guide to body modifications

Ah now we come to a topic near and dear to my heart. As the proud owner of seven tattoos and as many piercings (with plenty more to come hopefully) I would like to share with you another chapter in my beginners guide series, the beginners guide to body modification.

WARNING: Some of the images you are about to witness may shock and appall, you have been warned.

PART 1: Piercings

Lets start off with the small stuff shall we? getting a piercing involves having a special sterilized needle pierced through a part of your body (your earlobe for example) and a piece of jewelry is then placed in the resulting hole. There is of course a massive variety when it comes to piercings and deciding which one to get first can be daunting. in this matter I would advise that you start small, my first piercings were my ears so I think that that is a great starting point. Another reason why i feel that piercings are a good starting point is the fact that most piercings are relatively inexpensive and will heal almost completely once they are removed. From there on it boils down to personal taste but a word of advice/warning, if you are planning on getting tunnels done (the practice of having ones piercings stretched, traditionally done on the earlobes) remember that the holes will shrink to a certain degree but never completely close. Surgery is your best option if you would like to have a closed hole. The procedure is an office procedure performed under local anesthesia.

This is not starting small....and will cost thousands to repair
This is not starting small….and will cost thousands to repair

PART 2: Tattoos
Now we get on to the fun/permanent stuff. Tattoos have been around for thousands of years and have been used in various cultures around the world to mark everything from important events in a person’s life to memorials to departed loved ones. lets get this out of the way right off the bat, getting a tattoo will hurt. how much it hurts depends on where on your body you get your tattoo done and what design you get done. Moving on from that, it is important to really think about what you want to get done. Impulsive tattoos are often regretted at a later date so be sure that the tattoo you get is the one you truly want. The next important part of getting a tattoo is to shop around, not for the best prices but for the best artist. Finding the right artist for the tattoo you want is vital and once you find an artist you like, work with them as they can often help make your tattoo even better because they are themselves professional artists (have a look at some of their previous work if you want a good idea of what they’re capable of doing)


On a final note, when it comes to getting body modifications done you have to prepared to pay for them. What I mean by that is you need to go to professional tattoo studios and piercers, anything less than that and you are running the risk of infection resulting from poorly sterilized equipment or jewelry. On the other side of this advice, you may very well end up with very poor quality work being done on you and no reproach available to you. (see the above imagine if you don’t believe me)

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