Many of us have a favourite place – somewhere where you feel home, protected and don’t care about the rest of the world. While for some this might be a Café in their hometown for others it is a country they visited or maybe their grandparents garden. In my case, it’s a small Island in the North sea, around 2 hours away from the German haven Emden – Borkum. Since December is the farthest month away from summer vacation where I usually go there, I want to share it with you.

The Island

Sand Dunes Borkum

Sand Dunes Borkum – Picture by Lea Heming

Borkum is the westernmost and with almost 31 square Kilometers largest of the seven inhabited East Frisian Islands. Parts of the island and the adjacent Watt belong to the National Park Wadden Sea. The island is also the area of ​​the city Borkum, which has a state-recognized North Sea spa on numerous spa facilities.

The fact that Borkum is only around 10 Kilometers long and a seven Kilometers wide gives you a great opportunity to take a walk or a bike and explore the island. The ocean currents change the shape and position of the island. Despite the fact that countermeasures are taken, you can see interesting changes every  single year. I visited Borkum every summer for 16 years and though I recognized many people and knew my favourite places well, I kept exploring.

The Enjoyments

Like most Islands in the North Sea, the weather at Borkum can be pretty unstable. You could go out, enjoying the sun and an hour into your walk, you would have to take shelter somewhere due to a sudden rain shower. This might be a reason why some don’t understand my love for this Island. Still, my favourite memories are from those days where we were suddenly standing in the rain, finding shelter in a cute little restaurant and ending up having Dinner there.

Boat with Rain Water Borkum

Boat with Rain Water – Picture by Lea Heming

For Families, Borkum is certainly a great holiday destination. No matter what weather, for parents and children, you’ll always find something to do. The most famous place on a rainy day is the “SpielInsel”, which is basically (from a children point of view) a giant building full of toys, board games and things to climb on.

Having many different beach sections with a different amount of people gathering, you can easily choose. Do you want to enjoy a quiet day near the ocean or make sure your children will find friends to play with. With regular events like the New Years Fireworks on the beach, the Borkumer kite-festival and musicians and artists performing every week, it certainly doesn’t get boring. Also, for Photography-Enthusiasts, the Island offers a lot of opportunities to take.

My favourite Place

Since I could talk on and on about how great I think Borkum is and how much I enjoyed the summers I spend there, I will just show you my favourite Place.

The tour to Hooge Hörn

Hooge Hörn is basically the end of the island. I took that walk for the first time when I was pretty young. I probably annoyed my mom the whole last 30 minutes with a continuous “Are we there yet”, but arriving was amazing. Imagine you walk for hours, high sand dunes covered with grass everywhere and you can’t see anything else. But suddenly the sand starts. And if go and walk just a bit further, you arrive at a beach that looks completely untouched. No footsteps, no other people. I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of the fact that I had to walk back too, but I enjoyed our day. Little Puddles of warm water right next to the sea and tons of seashells made me forget that my feet hurt.

A few years later I took that tour again – alone this time – to take photos. It was just as amazing as I imagined. This time though, I was able to enjoy the way there a bit more and found one of my favourite spots. The bridge you have to cross if you want to reach Hooge Hörn. I remember having a few small groups of people passing me while I was just sitting there, reading my book and enjoying the sun.

The Bridge to Hooge Hörn - Borkum

The Bridge to Hooge Hörn – Borkum – Picture by Lea Heming

What is your second home, or favourite Place? Tell us in the comments and share your story.