Trinity Ball 2013

So it’s that time of year again. The Trinity College Ball line-up was announced last night just after nine o’clock. This ball for obvious reasons (big named music acts and an excuse to drink) is one of the biggest student events of the year, not only for Trinity students but for anyone who can get their hands on a ticket. The tickets of which I talk about are in the eyes of some too expensive at 80 euro a ticket. This however I would disagree with as the quality of the production and line-up speaks for itself.

Here we see the video which released the full list of acts to play at this years ball on the 5th of April. I’m sure some names in the set are familiar to your eyes but if not I will take you on a run through some of the acts you must see if your attending and even if not, for future reference.

Ellie Goulding

This shy woman from England has taken the world by storm with her second album “Halcyon” with songs like “Anything Could Happen” and “Figure 8”. Being the headline act it is easy for me to advise you to go see her but she will not fail to impress with her voice.

Imagine Dragons

Quite simply put these guys are the best up-and-coming act of 2013. They are a band from Las Vegas with a great variety in their sound yet with this underlying rock element to each song off their debut album “Night Visions”. I’m going to sound like Lynel Huts from The Simpsons but you may have heard these from adverts like the “Assassins Creed” or “Sky Movies”. Live the will blow you away literally.


I myself have only just discovered this band but my god have they got played a lot on my ipod in that short space of time. This track Pompeii very easily could be awarded track of 2013 and live they don’t fail to entertain with performances as good if not better than their album

Hudson Taylor

These boys have worked their way up through the music world with video after video on youtube. Originally named “Harry and Alfie”, they have supported bands such as “The Coronas” and more recently Jake Bugg on his UK tour. Very fresh sounding and lyrically based act from Ireland who deserve their break in the industry.

Funeral Suits

One of Ireland’s hidden gems. These guys have seemed to have penetrated foreign lands such as Switzerland, France and Germany more so than back home but I predict things will change for them after their performance at Trintiy Ball.


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