Many visitors share idea about carrying cash when they use public toilets when travelling in some Southeast Asia countries. Asia is considered an attractive destination, especially for those who love to travel and explore the local culture. If you are planning to travel to Asian this summer, so hopefully you’ll find these tips helpful! Moreover, please feel free to share this with any friends, family or colleagues who plan to travel to Asian this summer.

There are 8 things you should know before travelling to Asian:

1/ Messy traffic network

There is no rule in Asian traffic. You hardly ever find car or motorbike drive in the right lane. Some countries as India, you will find cow’s in the city. If you want to cross, you just follow with the group. Speed limit? That’s when your car cannot go any faster. Stop sign? Invisibly located behind a tree’s. Red light’s? It does not work efficiently. You like having a heart attack when you are walking on Vietnamese roads.

Vietnam road - PhotoCredit Flickr John6536

Vietnam road – PhotoCredit Flickr John6536

2/ Small toilet
In Asian countries, the bathroom is used as the restroom. Because Asian people do not tend to build big bathrooms with separate space for the restroom, you could sit on the lavabo and have a shower.

Small toilet - Photo Credit Flickr Thomas Galvez

Small toilet – Photo Credit Flickr Thomas Galvez

3/ Can not drink the water from kitchen sink
It’s not like some countries in Europe where you can drink water directly from the kitchen sink. In some Asian countries you should only buy water from the supermarket or the convenient store.

4/ Carry money with you

Although credit cards are used in many countries in the world, in the most throughout Southeast Asia, cash is still a convenient form of payment. You need to carry cash with you if you need to do window shopping or purchase local delicacies from the street.

Tips: Please exchange all money to local currency. You should pay in the local currency.

Credit or cash - PhotoCredit Flickr frankieleon

Credit or cash – PhotoCredit Flickr frankieleon

5/ Bring cash when going to the toilet
In America, you can use the toilet for free of charge in some public facilities such as parks, shopping malls, fast-food restaurant. Otherwise, you should pay money for using a toilet’s in some Asian countries.

6/ English is no commonly used
English is not commonly used in some Asian countries. When you have a meal in a restaurant, the menu is written in the local language. You can only rely on the pictures in the menu to select your meals. So, the advice when you order the food, choose the food illustration picture that you like most. Keep in mind, try the street food. When you get lost in the street, you should base on Google maps even if asking the local people.

Menu of the lovely vegan restaurant Photo Credit Flickr Josefine Stenudd

Menu of the lovely vegan restaurant Photo Credit Flickr Josefine Stenudd

7/ Public Transportation using Bus

You can catch the bus anywhere to go anywhere with very cheap prices. However, the bus transportation often has a particular smell. Depend on your budget; you should take the bus or taxi. Taxi is high recommended when you travel to Vietnam.

Bus - PhotoCredit Flickr Riza Nugraha

Bus – PhotoCredit Flickr Riza Nugraha

8/ Pick-pocket
If you are travelling  in Asia, you’ve undoubtedly been warned about the danger of pickpockets. There is a large number of thieves are actually still a teenager ( young girls and boys) — usually around 10-16-years old. Where pickpockets hang out are tourists attractions, public transportation, museums, beaches, retail stores, etc. Most visitors do not think that a young child would steal from them, so you should outsmart pickpockets and thieves.