6 things from the 90s that should be brought back

1. Pogs – For any of you who don’t remember what pogs were, you had no childhood, or you just weren’t cool enough.  Pogs was a game which consisted of little discs and slammers.  Two player had their own stack of pogs.  You would then throw the slammer down and the pogs would scatter.  The pogs that belonged to you that landed face up you would get to keep and the rest would be restacked and the game would continue like this.  The more colourful and different pogs you had the cooler you proved to be in the school yard.  Pogs should definitely be brought back, I’m sure we could make a drinking game out of it somehow.

2.  Tamagotchi – These little digital pets were our children.  They relied on us to keep them alive, feed them and play with them.  They drove our parents insane when we had to go to school and they were left minding the key-ring sized toys.  It was devastating when they died – but we just went and bought another one. They thought us responsibility and my own mother said if I could keep mine alive for a month I could get a dog, she must have known it was almost impossible for them to live more than a week.

3. Clogs – These amazing wooden base shoes came in every colour imaginable and were somehow comfortable.  The could be worn with almost any outfit and no one would ever judge you for wearing them.  If they brought clogs back I would definitely wear them on a night out – and wouldn’t even have to bring flats to change into.

4. Tattoo chokers – Those stylish choker necklaces that had bracelets to match.  They were extremely pointless and no one knew why we wore them but we just had to have them.  In different colours and with different squiggly lines.  The only problem is they got tangled in themselves and in your hair so easily.  Now that we’re grown up I don’t think we’d have the same problem though.

5. Talkback dear diary – This magical device was personalized by your voice and you voice alone.  It was perfect for keeping track of your extremely busy 10 year old life.  You could keep all your secrets locked up, it was so much safer than writing them down.  The first sign that technology is taking over the world.

6. Awesome TV shows – When nickelodeon was the place to be after school, with shows like Kenan and Kel, Sabrina the teenage witch and Saved by the bell, the world was a better place.  These shows thought us valuable life lessons that shows today just don’t have.  Are you afraid of the dark was the first scary thing we were allowed to watch – and it was terrifying.  They should bring back these shows, because I know I would still watch them.


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