6 crazy April Fools’ Day (And Any Other Day) Pranks

Ok, so April Fools’ Day is coming to its end, but that doesn’t mean pranks have to stop. Now it is time for a payback. How many of your friends and family members tricked you today? Or maybe you tricked them?

Browse through these amazing 6 ideas for April Fools’ Day pranks and take the revenge when they least expect it!

giphySource: Pinterest

Number 1: Toothpaste in the Oreo’s

0AdFk0qSource: Imgur

Number 2: Mayo in dougnuts

CkANiSource: Imgur

Number 3: Air horn under a chair


Source: Imgur

Number 4: Cream cheese deodorant

FD3LQ7TGYQES7JG.MEDIUMSource: Instructables

Number 5: Playing a Jigsaw game with toilet paper


Source: Imgur

Number 6: Crayon rainbow prank

9p6v6Source: Imgur

Let’s just hope you don’t cause too much trouble to your loved ones and you don’t start a chain reaction with these!

REMEMBER! Pranks are here to have fun, not to endanger someone’s life 🙂

Did you prank anyone on this April Fools’ Day? Comment below, maybe you will inspire someone for their payback time!

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