Ok, so April Fools’ Day is coming to its end, but that doesn’t mean pranks have to stop. Now it is time for a payback. How many of your friends and family members tricked you today? Or maybe you tricked them?

Browse through these amazing 6 ideas for April Fools’ Day pranks and take the revenge when they least expect it!

giphySource: Pinterest

Number 1: Toothpaste in the Oreo’s

0AdFk0qSource: Imgur

Number 2: Mayo in dougnuts

CkANiSource: Imgur

Number 3: Air horn under a chair


Source: Imgur

Number 4: Cream cheese deodorant

FD3LQ7TGYQES7JG.MEDIUMSource: Instructables

Number 5: Playing a Jigsaw game with toilet paper


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Number 6: Crayon rainbow prank

9p6v6Source: Imgur

Let’s just hope you don’t cause too much trouble to your loved ones and you don’t start a chain reaction with these!

REMEMBER! Pranks are here to have fun, not to endanger someone’s life 🙂

Did you prank anyone on this April Fools’ Day? Comment below, maybe you will inspire someone for their payback time!