5 Websites You Need To Know About


This website has one simple purpose: to play an endless loop of natural rain sounds. Their tagline explains it all really. For some reason, rain just seems to make everything better.

The Quiet Place & The Thoughts Room

The quiet rooms aims to give you a short break from all that requires our attention, namely social media. Amitay Tweeto, a 28-year-old User Interface designer from Israel. The website gained such popularity that a mobile version was added to both the iTunes and Google Play store. Tweeto also designed a similar site called The Thoughts Room which allows the user to let their thoughts run free through a social media type status bar. This one is particularly useful when you feel the need to vent about something .

quietplace thoughtsroom

Tokyo City Symphony

This website lets you experiment with 3D projection mapping from your own laptop. Using your keyboard you can create a “city” symphony that will project onto the buildings in a virtual 3D display of Tokyo. Once you’ve created your symphony you can watch it back and share it with friends through social media.

Tokyo Symphony City


This website is probably not as useful as the ones listed above but it is certainly a great way to pass some time. Similar to the previous website, Silk allows you to create interactive generative art. Once you’ve created your art you can share and or save it.



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