You’re going out with you friends on a Saturday night. You all have been drinking for a few hours now, and the most important thing on your drunken mind is to dance. The obvious next step is to hit up the club. After telling the taxi driver to turn the radio up with every disgustingly cheesy pop song you hear on the journey into town you get to the club.

You roll into the club like you have entered an early 00’s R&B video. Although I can’t lie I have been there too, more often than not I have been the one who chooses the songs that you ‘Slut drop’ to. Having DJed in some of the most popular clubs in Dublin I have noticed some things that really get on the nerves of the very few sober people in the room.

The following list is of some of things that in one way make your nights but also can ruin them too.


Here are five things that people do in a nightclub situation that is unbearable for the DJ.


1) Requesting songs: The MOST annoying thing that anyone can do. When djing in a nightclub you have usually spent some time putting together the set that you will play. First of all, you are drunk therefore the brainwave you had of hearing Westlife in somewhere like the twisted pepper, it is not going to happen. There is nothing worse. Please, don’t approach the decks unless it is a life death situation because the DJ is not going to play your song. DO NOT DO IT, please. Another things that will really annoy a DJ, asking them what music they have. Asking them can they look at your music.

2) The girl/guy who decides to stand up on speakers: What are you doing? You are not Miley Cyrus. You are putting your own life into your drunken hands. Also, this equipment is extremely expensive. You will annoy the DJ and possibly get thrown out the club.

3) People who put their drink on or around the equipment, again this stuff is quite expensive. More than once, someone has spilled their sticky cocktail around the equipment, its horrible, it smells and you it breaks the equipment. Another thing, People leaving their coats, bags, shoes, dogs under the decks. I am working here, I can’t watch your stuff and there is limited space, where my feet need to be.

Nightclub by Fictures (Flickr)

Nightclub by Fictures (Flickr)

4) Slut dropping at the decks, like your life depends on it. There have been times when I have played gigs with mainly Men Dj’s and there could be a line of ten girls provocatively dancing. Looking down on these scenes has to be the most embarrassing thing about being a girl. The male Dj’s don’t like it they think you look ridiculous. Please stop. It doesn’t get you into the secret VIP after party, we’ll probably be in the closest McDonald’s if you really want to be our friend.

5) Having a conversation with the DJ, although this is linked like my first point I think it deserves its who vent point. We actually can’t hear you and although we are nodding like we know what you’re saying, we don’t. There have been times, when someone thinks it’s ok to come up onto the stage and tell you how they “Spin a few tunes” in their local underage disco. I am delighted for you mate, but please, I’m trying to keep the crowd dancing.


If you follow this list you are sure to annoy any DJ that you cross paths with.