5 Steps For The Perfect Hair

Amber Fillerup / Photo: Barefoot Blonde
Amber Fillerup / Photo: Barefoot Blonde
Amber Fillerup / Photo: Barefoot Blonde

We all dream having the perfect hair but for that, there are certain cares you need to take:

Brush your hair careful

Photo: Live Fast Magazine
Photo: Live Fast Magazine

You don’t have to splash a fortune on a Mason Pearson Brush, but finding the ideal brush for your hair is essential. Brushing your hair with a good hairbrush will help to improve blood circulation to the hair scalp, giving the hair follicles strength to grow.

Cut it more often

Photo: I am Beautified.com
Photo: I am Beautified.com

The ends of coloured and long hair tend to get a little dry and frizzy, getting a little trim quite often is the best way to keep your hair looking healthy and strong. Cutting a little less than half inch every two months you won’t lose any real length and will prevent split ends.

Invest on Vitamins and Proteins

Photo: Yahoo
Photo: Yahoo

A well balanced diet is the key for our body to function well. A diet rich in protein, vitamins (A and Bs) and minerals (such as Selenium) helps hair growth as well as boosting hair strength and prevents hair loss.

Take care of your scalp

Photo: Good House Keeping
Photo: Good Housekeeping

Keeping your scalp healthy prevents dry scalp, itchiness, irritation and dandruff. Looking after hair scalp also avoids some embarrassing situations.

The best way to maintain a healthier scalp is to not overdo with hairdryers (especially using too close to your scalp) and with heavy chemical products. Using coconut and avocado oils twice a week nourishes the hair scalp.

Use heat protectant sprays

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 18.40.27
Photo: Boots

Heat protectant spray is very important to avoid damage to the hair shaft. It helps your hair shaft to stay moisturized and prevents breakage of the hair coat.

Spray on each section of the hair (approximately six inches away) that will be expose to heat.

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