With all the hundreds and thousands of beauty vloggers you can follow on youtube its hard to know which ones are good and which ones are not so good. I especially love looking up Youtube tutorials on different make-up looks to try out on myself for all occasions. What I also love about beauty blogs is that they are incredibly useful for reviewing new products, so if you are thinking about splashing out on a new product, chances are a beauty guru out will have tried it first hand and will be able to give you some truthful advice before you spend your hard earned cash. And as students, nobody wants to waste their money on something that evidently wont work for them. Here is a list of, in my opinion, some of the best makeup and beauty vloggs on Youtube, If I have left any out please feel free to comment below. Hope you enjoy, #1 Chloe Morello

Photo credit - Chloemorello.com

Photo credit – Chloemorello.com









#2 Pixiwoo

photo credit - pixiwoo.com

photo credit – pixiwoo.com

#3 Sharon Farrell

photo credit- sharonfarrelmakeup.com

photo credit- sharonfarrelmakeup.com










#4 Shaaanxo

photo credit - shaaanxoblogs.com

photo credit – shaaanxoblogs.com

#5 Lauren Curtis

photo credit- laurencurtisbeauty youtube

photo credit- laurencurtisbeauty youtube

#6 HelloOctober

photo credit -hellooctober.com

photo credit -hellooctober.com

#7 ThePersianBabe

photo credit - thepersianbabe youtube

photo credit – thepersianbabe youtube

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