What is wrong with kids these days?

Three wheeled scooter
Three wheeled scooter

What is wrong with kids these days? thats quit a broad subject I know, but lets focous in on one aspect of kids that really “grinds my gears”. the tri wheeled scooter. Who the hell invented the tri-wheel scooter, why does it have 3 wheels? What is its purpose of it?
In my day we had scooters with two wheels, we looked cool, we where the “bad asses of the street”. They where called “razors” and they where dangerous. They could only be stopped by stepping on the wheel. It separated the boys from men. They where a status symbol among pre teens.
If anything this new three wheeled incarnation of the scooter serves as a critic of modern day society. What I mean is that it shows how over protective we’ve become.
Back in the good old days kids chewed glass and eased headaches with whisky.
Now we cherish our kids, we wrap them in bubble wrap and hold their hands through out life.

I think we need to toughen our kids up. Kick a child in the shins, let them play with dog mess. What doesn’t kill them makes them stronger.

*Word of warning if you do any of the above to your children it may be considered child abuse, so watch for that. *

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