3 vignettes that will make you think about the Fashion Industry

Nowadays the Fashion Industry seems to fit more than ever in this capitalist system we are living in, where “I buy, therefore I am” is the common law.

It is ironic to me to think that people can get obsessed with something so material as clothing and it is even more ironic that this “beauty” industry is ruled by an ugly sad woman affected by Napoleon complex.

Don’t get me wrong I like clothes; I think some of them are serious pieces of design such as a piece of furniture or a car, but I do not understand why girls should starve themselves in order to look like some model on a window shop, or why models themselves enjoy to be treated like a piece of meat in order to appear on a magazine which will probably end up in some truck driver’s bathroom.

However, the thing that still amazes me the most is Fashion blogging. Since one girl  became famous through posting pictures of herself with ridiculous outfits on, the “fashion blogging virus” spread all over the world affecting young women. The clearest symptom of this disease is  thinking to be original and unique while you are doing the same thing as any other “fashion blogger”does, which is: wasting half of your time taking Selfies that none cares about and the other half photoshopping them.

I think everyone can have their own style and look beautiful regardless what a small circle of people dictates.  Here are three vignettes I drew as a critique to the Fashion Industry; hopefully I haven’t been too cynical…









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