3Arena – The Killers & Upcoming Events

After a spectacular performance by The Killers this weekend we look forward to these upcoming events at 3Arena before Christmas. After five years of silence, they are finally back. The stage lights up in a spectacular…

Loen Skylift

Loen Skylift: From Fjord To Sky In 5

If you ever go to Norway, I will highly recommend to visit Nordfjord on the west coast. You will find some of the most majestic mountains in Norway there. «Hoven» is one of them and…

Dublin Christmas Lights- Image Credit: Emma-Marie B. Whittaker

Dublin has officially turned on the Christmas lights

Tonight Dublin officially welcomed Christmas by turning on all the Christmas lights and by letting the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr Mícheál MacDonncha, the CEO of Dublintown.ie, Richard Guiney, and  Arnotts‘ Santa Claus light the 40…

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