American Black Bear. Lincoln Park Zoo mammal. 1900.

How wild animals survive in cities

Nowadays, most species of wild animals have been tamed to a degree. Lots of us have cats or dogs, we eat cattle meat, we ride horses, some of us have somewhat exotic pets like parrots…

A taxi meter covered with a "No to Uber" sign in protest against Uber - photo credit Jon Worth

Why is Uber not a thing in Dublin?

Last week, it was reported that Uber, the car service app, is potentially going to be banned in London after the TfL (Transport for London) announced that Uber’s London licence is not going  to be…

Maleficent Cosplay - Photo by Judith Stephens

An Introduction to Cosplay and Cosplay Photography

Cosplayers and their Photographers When you know a little something about Cosplay, you probably heard about Cosplayers like Maul Cosplay and Leon Chiro and maybe about Photographers like eosAndy. But for those who have no…

Photo Credit: Lars Tiede

Watch The Northern Lights LIVE From Senja

According to Norwegian news site Medier24, Anders Hanssen from VisitSenja has come up with a great idea – making it possible watching the northern lights from Senja in Norway LIVE wherever you are in the…

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