Throwback devices

  In honour of the iPhone 8 being released last week, here are some major throwback devices that were pivotal in not only my life but pretty much every 90’s kids lives too.    Tamagotchis If yours is…

Oxford Fashion Week - Tomasz Ras (Flickr)

Why is there no Fashion Week in Dublin?

The Fashion Week is currently taking place in Paris, with many brands represented like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Jacquemus, Christian Dior, Lanvin and others. This week, The Circular is going to take a closer look at…

Photo Credit: Wahyu Purnawan

Horror Movie “IT” Beats “The Exorcist”

Stephen King’s bestseller “IT” has become even more popular than the long standing classic “The Exorcist” – which was a huge success in the mid-’70s. “IT” has beaten records at the cinema during the past…

Lofoten Fiord-Image credit: Emma-Marie B. Whittaker

Lofoten: Svolvær and Henningsvær

The Lofoten archipelago is something you have to visit if you’re planning on travelling to Norway. Peoples’ first associations with the country are either the capital city of Oslo or the other larger cities such…

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