The ideal woman?

Barbie – an ideal woman?

This beautiful blonde doesn’t look like she’s 56. She is dressed by the very best modelers of the world. She poses for magazine covers and changes professions faster than you thought. She is always smiling.…

Dublin Comic Con comes to Town

The 3rd Dublin Comic Con event is happening on the 8th and 9th of August in the National Conference center. The event will happen over two and a half floors of the center with over…

Tor - the most well known browser to operate in shadow internet

The Shadow Internet.

THE DARK SIDE OF THE INTERNET As by August in just two weeks the total amount of “Tor” browser’s regular users reached 600 000 people and is constantly rising. Because of government’s lurking internet users are…

The last will of a friend is sacred

The Most Strangest Funerals in the World.

The Most Strangest Funerals in the World It’s truly hard to reconcile with death of our beloved ones. Some people turn funerals into something absurd, strangely showy, lushy and even creepy. Celebrities’ funerals happen to…

Mount Everest became lower becaouse of terrible earthquake

Everest became lower.

Mount Everest lost it’s height after earthquake in Nepal Powerful earthquake took it’s place in Nepal on 25th of April 2015. The damages were so serious, that mount Everest shrank markedly. Not that it lost…

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