9 Tips for a foreigner who comes to live in Ireland (or how to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day)

Irish Luck
Irish Luck - Photo Credit Becka Spence (Flickr)

If you are considering coming in Ireland, prepare yourself! Here are 9 tips to help you to integrate into Irish society and to have a better understanding of Irish culture:

1. You need to understand the English language… no, not the one you see in movies, I am talking about the local one. Here is an example:


This might help you. Listen carefully:


2. If you are a coffee drinker, I advise you to ask for an Irish Coffee… every morning. It will set you up for the day.

You might think it looks like this:

Irish coffee
Irish coffee – Photo Credit Homewarflight (Flickr)

Actually, traditional Irish Coffee looks like this:

Traditional Irish Coffee
Traditional Irish Coffee – Photo Credit amy_buthod (Flickr)

You can imagine the taste. It will make you smile.


3. You need to have an umbrella (maybe two of them) with you… all the time, every season…


Windy Day
Windy Day – Photo Credit James Moughan (Flickr)


Wet and Windy
Wet and Windy – Photo Credit Peter (Flickr)

I told you that you might need a second one…


4. Whenever you are using tap water, prepare to get a freezing cold hand and a… hot one.

Tap water in Ireland
Tap water in Ireland – Photo Credit Giorgiana Marinela Urdea


5. Get ready to drink gallons of Tea. They put ‘talking’ into it.

Relax – Photo Credit Sunchild57 Photography (Flickr)
Tea Time
Tea Time – Photo Credit Jonathan Caves (Flickr)


6. Ireland is a beautiful country. If you are considering traveling in Ireland, you might encounter roads like this:

Amazing Ireland
Amazing Ireland – Photo Credit Kathleen Tyler Conklin (Flickr)
Amazing Ireland
Amazing Ireland – Photo Credit Munster Vintage Motor Cycle & Car Club (Flickr)
Amazing Ireland
Amazing Ireland – Photo Credit Adam Gimpert (Flickr)

Or, Irish roads might look like this:

Speed limit
Speed limit – Photo Credit Greg Clarke (Flickr)


Speed limit
Speed limit – Photo Credit Dana&Ron (Flickr)


Speed Limit
Speed Limit – Photo credit Lukasz Porwol (Flickr)

Or, you might give up because:


How ?
How ?- Photo Credit Cian Ginty (Flickr)
Whatever – Photo Credit Lena (Flickr)
Narrow – Photo Credit Tom Purves (Flickr)

7. In order to integrate correctly  into Irish society, you need to drink 10 pints of Guinness or 1 bottle of Jameson Whiskey… in a single night out!


The Black Gold
The Black Gold – Photo Credit Frederic Poirot (Flickr)
Drink it before ice melts
Drink it before the ice melts – Photo Credit Seth Anderson (Flickr)


Drunk Leprechaun
Drunk Leprechaun – Photo Credit kreezzalee (Flickr)


8. After so much drinking, you will understand how Irish dancing started:

So, I am suggesting you go fast, to beat the queues. Otherwise, you will ‘Irish dance’ as well.

9. You should ‘go green’, especially on St. Patrick’s Day. The entire world goes green as well. No matter what your nationality is, for one day you need to be Irish.



I hope this was helpful. Let me know below.

Oh, and good luck! Of course I am talking about ‘Luck of the Irish‘.

Irish Luck
Irish Luck – Photo Credit Becka Spence (Flickr)


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