10 Superb Literary-Themed Items on Etsy

Shona Dennis

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If you’re not familiar with Etsy , it’s an online marketplace for buying and selling  predominantly handmade goods. It has an amazing selection of creative accessories and home decor, varying from the useful to the strange ; such as human tooth bracelets, or a taxidermy pirhanna.  But the majority of what is on offer is beautiful, original gifts or treats for yourself that you could never pick up on a regular shopping trip. While certain trends are replicated everywhere and pop up in high street chains, when it comes to self-expression what better way to start than by accessorising with crafty handmade merchandise representing your favourite novels and authors? Take a look at 10 of some of the nicest literary-themed items currently available:

1. To the Lighthouse Tealight Holder, €7.71. Blackbird Studios UK

Image: Blackbird Studios UK (Etsy)
Image: Blackbird Studios UK (Etsy)

Let your appreciation for Virginia Woolf’s 1927 modernist masterpiece literally shine.

2. Pride and Prejudice Scarf, €36.51. Rooby Lane 

Image: Rooby Lane (Etsy)
Image: Rooby Lane (Etsy)

“Till this moment I never knew myself.”– Elizabeth Bennet / You, when you try on one of  your favourite books in scarf form.

3. Jane Eyre Lowball Glass, €11.7.  Literature Rocks series by the Uncommon Green

Image: The Uncommon Green (Etsy)
Image: The Uncommon Green (Etsy)

Also available in A Tale of Two Cities, Moby Dick and  Pride and Prejudice versions, as well as many more.

4. Kurt Vonnegut Miniature Magnets Set, €15.00. Bunnyhell.



Image: Bunnyhell (Etsy)

With a host of other author’s works also available in miniature magnet form, your fridge can now mirror your bookshelf.

5. Little Women Book Clutch, €72.52. Vivalasvixens

Image: Vivalasvixens (Etsy)

This store again offers a number of books crafted into accessories, such as this beautiful clutch crafted from a classic little women cover.

6. Dr.Seuss Book Cover Charm Bracelet, €24.47. Murals4U

Image: Murals4U (Etsy)
Image: Murals4U (Etsy)

A charm bracelet with a unique variation when it comes to its charms.

7. Shakespeare quote iPhone case , €15.37. Mist Printed.

shakespeare case
Image: Mist Printed (Etsy)

8. Edgar Allen Poe flats, €45.33. LeadFootLucy

Image: LeadFootLucy (Etsy)
Image: LeadFootLucy (Etsy)

9. ‘Miss Havisham’s Mansion’ Theme Scented Soy Candle, €11.08. WJSoyCandles 

Image: WJSoyCandles (Etsy)
Image: WJSoyCandles (Easy)

10. Alice in Wonderland Glasses Case, €19.56. ThimblesnObjectDart 

Image: ThimblesnObjectDarts (Etsy)
Image: ThimblesnObjectDart (Etsy)


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