Image Credit: Irish Times

Six Facts About Undocumented Migrants In Ireland

Castro - Credit: Delmarva Dealings, Flickr

Weakened Cuba in danger of US brand democracy


Mosul and Aleppo in Deep Crises

The Norwegian multimedia article 'The Boy in The Plastic Bag' Photo: Printscreen from

How The Boy In The Plastic Bag Captured Norwegian Readers

English Money

Animal Fats in the New £5 Note: Seriously?


Ball and boots- (Cian Moore)

Being a Player in the League of Ireland

Stadium in Brussels; Belgium 8-1 Estonia/Credit: Pille_riin on Instagram

International football needs to change

Stephen Bradley's Shamrock Rovers Jersey-1

Shamrock Rovers Announce New Head Coach

Brazil F1 Paddock - Richard Jonkman - Flikr Commons

Max Verstappen, Brazil’s Rainman

Ronaldo vs Messi by Ulas Bola

Ronaldo vs Messi for FIFA Best Player 2016 award (Statistics)


Is Catholicism alive or dead ?

Street artist tagging the wall at the Bernard Shaw event/ Still from the documentary disturbing the comfortable

Best pieces of Dublin street art (map)

District 8 Entrance - Credit (Natalie Dyer)

It’s a Different Dimension in District 8

Shorthand- (Cian Moore)

Shorthand: Outdated or Useful Skill?

Feel Meme - credit: Feels Memes - Facebook

Memes for superior procrastination

Life and Style

Scandinavian Retail Store, H&M. Photo Credit: HandM (Flickr)

The Rise of Scandi Style in the Fashion Industry

Hammerhead Thai - Credit: Andrej Vrican

Hammerhead thai boxing and fitness gym reopens

Matching dress and headscarf in blue and pink tones. Photo Credit: Meg Ong

African Fashion and Its Influence on Western Designs

Is Catholicism alive or dead ?

An introduction to the lifestyle of Veganism